TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Big Storm Brewing has sent a truck full of nearly 4,700 gallons of water to Hurricane Ian survivors in southwest Florida.

The water was loaded up Tuesday morning, in a truck provided by Reed TMS Logistics. Big Storm Brewing has a taproom in Cape Coral and was in the process of redeveloping Fat Point Brewing’s warehouse in Punta Gorda as the storm hit.

The water will be donated by workers to communities in need following the storm.

“For the community to help, because our product is so communal, there’s nothing more communal than beer, we don’t exist without the community. We do this simply because we can and people need the help,” a representative from the brewery said.

“Just driving through southwest Florida the last couple days, downed trees everywhere, every single person has a problem with something. So whether it be a hammer or whether it be a saw, those tools are really helpful.”

In addition of supplies, the brewery is also looking for trucking assistance, including larger trucks to get the water southwest due to the weight.

Big Storm Brewing announced on Thursday it would be delivering relief to Lee and Charlotte counties.