WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — President Joe Biden took a trip down to Louisiana on Thursday to talk his infrastructure plan as lawmakers fight on what to include in the package and how to pay for it.

“But the truth is across the country, we have failed. We have failed to properly invest in infrastructure for half a century,” the president said.

While in front of the I-10 bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Biden continued his push for his infrastructure proposal.

“I’m not ready to have another period where America has another infrastructure month and doesn’t change a damn thing,” Biden said.

The president is adamant about his nearly $2 trillion plan and how he would pay for it.

“Making sure the largest companies don’t pay zero and reducing the tax cut to, between 25 and 28, to a couple hundred billion dollars.”

Lake Charles Republican Mayor Nic Hunter says his community needs these changes.

“Lake Charles needs help right now and we’re asking for it,” Hunter said.

The infrastructure plan would bring repairs and maintenance to bridges and roads throughout the country. However, Republicans on capitol hill are not supporters of all the elements of the plan.

“We’re not willing to pay for it by undoing the 2017 tax bill,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell says no Republicans will support the bill as is. The president is open to some compromise but says he won’t stop pushing for what he calls necessities.

“I’m willing to hear ideas from both sides,” the president said.

Biden will meet with Republicans next week to see what kind of compromises can be made.