HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s the “instant” TV repair that has been anything but instant.

Austin Figler wants answers about his 65-inch Samsung television. He paid $500 to Tampa-based Instant TV Repair in August. He still doesn’t have his TV. At first, everything seemed fine.

“They come out to get the TV, they bring it back, a week later, we had the same problem,” Figler said.

So, Instant TV Repair sent a technician back to Figler’s home to pick up the TV again, because the original repair came with a warranty. Then he heard nothing.

What really upset Figler: when he finally got in touch with the company, he was told the TV is fixed, but when he sets up pick-up appointments, the shop is always closed when he arrives. So, he called 8 On Your Side, and we paid the shop a few visits. On the second trip, the door was open and Figler’s TV was spotted up against a wall.

We spoke with the shop owner, Oswald Mara, and he was not happy. He first said the TV was fixed and he wasn’t sure why Figler had not picked it up. He said it was leaning against the wall by the door and Figler could pick it up at any time.

But then a technician busted a hole in his story. He said the TVs by the door are broken and waiting to be tossed in the trash.

A call back to the owner resulted in an even angrier tone. He said he had been confused and acknowledged that Figler’s TV is broken. He promised to give him back half of his money and requested that Figler calls him on his cell phone.

Unfortunately, Figler said he tried to that several times and was hung up on each time.

Instant TV Repair advertises itself as an authorized Samsung repair shop. A spokeswoman for Samsung said the company is looking into this complaint.SEE WHAT OTHER STORIES I’VE RECENTLY COVERED: 

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