Growing up, Benjamin Mitchell lived in Nevada with his father but spent summers with his cousins in Tampa. He also spent a lot of time in California, where family members say he developed his sense of style.

Benjamin didn’t have any family members his age out in Nevada, so he moved to Seminole Heights just before starting 10th grade to live with his aunt and uncle. He attended Middleton High School and was a linebacker on the football team during his junior and senior years.

After graduating from high school, Benjamin started attending Hillsborough Community College. People who knew him called him a good kid with a job who didn’t mess with anyone.

Family members say Benjamin was a person who valued his privacy and was very quiet about his dating life and his music. 

Although he kept quiet about it, music was a big part of Benjamin’s life. He was a rapper who went by the name Eddie Bank$ and played gigs at clubs in Ybor City with his best friend from high school who actually turned out to be a cousin.

Benjamin Mitchell was shot four times around 9 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, and died at the age of 22. He was waiting for a HART bus on North 15th Street at Frierson Avenue when he was shot.

He became the first victim in what would soon become a string of murders in the area.

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