CITRUS COUNTY, FL (WFLA) – Seven healthy baby possums are at a local shelter after being rescued by the Citrus County deputies and Animal Control. Sadly, their mom was found dead.

The possum rescue took place in Citrus County this week. An elderly woman called the dispatch and said she had a dead possum on her front yard. She asked the deputies to come help her get rid of it.

When Dep. Pierce arrived, she realized that although the marsupial was dead, its pouch was moving. Mama possum has died, but her babies were trying to survive. Dep. Pierce called AnimaControl, and the Animal Control Office Deb Courtright knew exactly how to help them.

She removed the babies from the pouch and took them to a staffer from the Nature World Rescue.

A total of seven little possums will now call the NWR home. Citrus County Sheriff’s Office posted pictures of them and ACO Courtright on their Facebook page.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: