TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay’s match against the Los Angeles Rams last week proved to be a huge win, not only for the Bucs to climb back to the top of the NFC South but a win for the young Buccaneers as well.

Rookies Jake Camarda and Cade Otton, along with fourth-year player Scotty Miller, stepped up big time when it was necessary against the 2022 Super Bowl Champions.

Punter Jake Camarda turned the game around for the Bucs and ended up getting the game ball from head coach Todd Bowles.

According to the Buccaneers’ senior writer/editor Scott Smith, Camarda, who already had the fourth-longest punt in franchise history earlier on Sunday night, tied the longest punt ever at 74-yards.

With former Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski retiring, rookie Cade Otton knew he had to step up and be there for quarterback Tom Brady when it mattered. He made plays happen and delivered.

In previous weeks, wide receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans have typically been Brady’s go to guys, but with nine seconds left on the clock during the fourth quarter, Otton was the man.

WFLA Bucs Insider Karen Loftus shared that she thought it was encouraging to see the young Buccaneers step up on Wednesday’s episode of Bucs Bonus.

“I thought it was really encouraging to see because you know, you’ve talked about this and you know sort of who’s down the depth chart when you talk about Chris Godwin and Mike Evans getting double teamed it’s like you need those guys behind them to be able to make the plays,” said Loftus.

“So to see Cade step up and of course, that amazing story of what he’s been through with his mom passing and to get his first NFL touchdown in such an amazing situation,” she continued. “I was talking to him in the locker room and it was neat to see his confidence – not that he didn’t have it before, but I asked him what can that for you guys as a team and for you, yourself and he’s like ‘you know it was really good to get that and it is something we can build on.'”

With Otton making a couple of catches and of course, having his first NFL touchdown be the game-winning touchdown, it builds trust between the young tight end and veteran quarterback Tom Brady who is used to also having those older guys to look to in the end zone. 

Bucs Insider Dan Lucas shared that he heard Otton be referred to as “Baby Gronk” and the type of trust Brady has to have in you to take a risk and pass to you on the final play of a do-or-die game.

“I heard him referred to in the national media sense as “Baby Gronk”, so that’s your sign that the people believe in him and he was one of the drops earlier in the game,” Lucas said. “The Bucs had a case of the drops against the Rams and it was a “who’s who” dropping the passes and the fact that Tom Brady made the play call on the Cade Otton touchdown – the game-winning touchdown.”

When you talk about the trust between a quarterback and his offense, Brady knows what he wants to do and on the final drive, he called the play.

“Tom Brady knew what he wanted to do, he loves throwing to that tight end, this would’ve been Brady to Gronk 10 out of 10 and he chose a route that was to that position to a guy that just needed to catch it and step across the line,” said Lucas.

“I just thought it was a wonderful moment for Cade Otton given everything he’s been through. He’s trying to cement himself in this lineup as a rookie and get a bigger role and then to have Tom Brady trust you on that play when he has other options before him, that’s awesome for Cade Otton,” Lucas continued.

All three young Bucs, Camarda, Otton, and Miller had an exceptional and the question is, will we see more of the young players involved in plays when they travel to Munich, Germany to face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

Kickoff for the overseas game is at 9:30 a.m. ET at Allianz Arena. Fans can watch the game on NFL Network.