PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and court documents are revealing new details about a brutal murder on Moog Road.

For several days, Pasco County Detectives and Crime Scene Technicians looked for evidence at 3448 Moog Road.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Chris Nocco announced the arrest of Oscar Adrian Solis for murder.

Sheriff Nocco says on April 19, an Uber Eats driver arrived at the home and is seen on security video making a delivery to the front door.

“I watched a video. He was a guy, just like everybody else, just trying to make a living for his family,” said Nocco.

Detectives obtained the video from Solis’s roommate.

“We were able to make contact with the roommate of the suspect. The roommate was able to provide us video and you can actually see the victim walking up to the house to deliver food, but the video cuts off,” said Nocco.

Court documents identify the Uber Eats driver as Randall William Cooke, 59 who had previously been reported missing by the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Nocco says Cooke had been texting with his wife on the day he went missing and said he was making his last delivery of the day and would be home soon.

When he didn’t show up, his wife reported he was missing. Detectives obtained GPS tracking information from Uber Eats and were able to learn his last location was at the home on Moog Road.

Detectives went to the home and discovered human remains in trash bags on the side of the home.

“This was absolutely a horrific crime of passion. You always say they were evil, but this was demonic. This individual, what he did was demonic,” said Nocco.

The sheriff says there is no known motive for the murder.

“We couldn’t answer the question why. What’s the relationship? There doesn’t appear to be any relationship,” said Nocco.