TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Thousands of dogs are scheduled to compete in the show ring at the Sunshine State Cluster Dog Show starting Wednesday.

The St. Petersburg Fanciers Association Inc., Sarasota Kennel Club and Greater Venice Florida Dog Club worked together to put on the five-day event.

“Every American Kennel Club breed is judged on a standard,” Professional Dog Handler Susan McQueen said.

As dogs step into the show ring, they are judged on criteria such as obedience, agility and even dock diving.

Handlers said events like this can help potential dog owners find out what type of dog breed best fits their lifestyle.

“It gives them an opportunity to visually see what’s attractive to them. It gives them an opportunity to speak with breeders, ask questions about the nature of the breed, their shedding, their habits,” McQueen said.

The Sunshine State Cluster Dog Show runs from Wednesday through Sunday and is open to the general public.

Ticket and parking information can be found on the event brochure.