TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Decorated U.S. Army veteran Patrick Parker, also known as “Sgt. Pushup,” travels all across the country raising money to feed hungry children.

This week, Sgt. Pushup is in the City of Tampa continuing his efforts to spread awareness about child hunger and bullying by doing thousands of push-ups for donations.

“I’m 400,000 meals away from giving a million meals. Any business in Tampa Bay, you got any money? I will give you 40,000 push-ups. You can donate to your food bank or to No Kid Hungry… I’m ready to go to work,” Sgt. Pushup said.

He told 8 On Your Side he started this campaign after learning about the millions of kids that are hungry or attempt suicide due to bullying.

“I love my country and if we can’t help children, then who are we? They are precious, they are innocent. You take care of your kids while they’re young, then guess what? They become great leaders,” Sgt. Pushup said.

Sgt. Pushup first began raising money for this effort by selling his car and using public transportation to get around. Now he has even written a children’s book that has taught several children around the country about how to stay healthy.

Sgt. Pushup will be collecting donations for push-ups at the Florida State Fairgrounds during the Florida RV SuperShow Jan. 19 through Jan 23.

You can also find more information about how to help Sgt. Pushup with his campaign on his website.