DADE CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – We have heard about Georgia Peaches, but did you know there is an orchard in Florida where you can pick your own?

Florida Sweeties You-Pick Farms is located in the St. Joe community in Pasco County, north of San Antonio. Their Peachy Keen orchard is scheduled to be open this weekend for families and individuals who register through their Facebook page.

“When you show up, you meet me – I have a stand – and you’re going to get a bucket. We do provide the buckets so you really don’t need anything but close-toed shoes,” Peachy Keen You-Pick Operator Cristi Johnson said.

The peaches available at the orchard are different than Georgia Peaches. According to Johnson, the variety is called UF Sun, which is more firm and smaller compared to other peaches.

“These are super sweet, they are just as sweet as Georgia Peaches. It actually makes it better for picking because you get more fruit in your bucket,” Johnson said.

To visit the You Pick, you must register for a time slot. Contact information can be found on the Florida Sweeties Facebook page. The Peachy Keen Orchard is located at 15701 Jessamine Road in Dade City.