Over in Palmetto, paranormal activity has been spotted just south of the Bradenton Area Convention Center and up under a stunning black and red big top tent.

It’s the Paranormal Cirque show and organizers say this the first time a show like this has debuted in Florida.

“Paranormal Cirque is a crazy yet fun fusion between circus, theater and cabaret, all working in perfect harmony and resulting in the evolution of a show that takes you into a world of dreams or perhaps more accurately a world of nightmares and fantasies,” said Paranormal Cirque spokesperson Tim Orris.  

At Paranormal Cirque, characters make their way into the audience and perform a mixture of circus skills, magical illusions and in your face reality stunts.

“Fear, amusement, and surprise are only a few of the ingredients from our potion we use to give you a mixture of emotions that will be impossible to forget. This is truly a Paranormal experience like no other,” Orris said. 

You can catch Paranormal Cirque through June 17, after that the performers are off to Ocala, Georgia and North Carolina.

Paranormal Cirque is rated “R” which means if you are 17-years-old or younger you are going to need a parent or adult guardian over 21 accompany you. The parent or guardian will need a valid photo ID.

Catch the show from June 7-11 and June 14-17 at 102 Riviera Dunes Way in Palmetto. 

Tickets start at $10 each for youth and go up to $50 each for adults. Learn more about Paranormal Cirque and get ticket info here.

Paranormal Cirque show will be performed in Palmetto for the first time and acts will be added and subtracted depending on audience reception.