BRANDON, Fla. (WFLA)- A Tampa Bay non-profit has been helping veterans with homes or properties that are not up to county or city code.

Instead of fining veterans for code violations, Operation Code Vet has been gathering volunteers and sponsors to resolve the issues.

“You have the people in the community that come together and give a sense of wholeness to that veteran that most likely is not going to reach out for help,” Operation Code Vet Vice President and Founder Christine Zien-McCombs said.

Operation Code Vet was able to present Air Force Veteran Jerry Wooten and his wife, Tina, their newly renovated home on Friday.

The Brandon couple’s home was severely damaged in a fire about two years ago and has been unlivable.

The Wootens’ eyes filled with tears as they entered the door of their home filled with new furniture and appliances.

“There’s no words to express our appreciation. It’s just beyond words,” Jerry Wooten said.

Operation Code Vet was founded in 2017 and has helped around 300 local veterans.

“We make sure that we make the home sustainable for the veteran, so that from that day forward, the move on in their own home,” Zien-McCombs said. “They’re not having to pay fines, or anything else.”

If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or know a veteran who could benefit from Operation Code Vet, check out their website.