Some would say that nothing beats ice cream as a cool treat in the summer. Others would say we can make it even better. That’s what Story Stuart thought when she blended liqueur into her homemade ice cream.

Her new coffee and ice cream shop is set to open in St. Petersburg on July 27. It’s called Beans and Barlour. It will serve coffee and pastries to help get your day started.

“Great place for families to come have a milkshake, small plates and great beer. Really a comfortable place for people to enjoy,” said Stuart.

Your taste buds may also be tempted for an after-dinner treat of “boozy” ice cream desserts. The ice cream “bar”lour will be open until 10 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on the weekends.

“This is our play on tiramisu,” said Stuart. The espresso-soaked lady fingers are layered with a homemade mascarpone-amaretto alcoholic ice cream in a sundae glass.

This flavor ice cream is blended with amaretto liqueur and vodka. “All of our flavors we really spent a lot of time making as boozy as possible. Of course, it’s a challenge freezing anything with alcohol in it,” explained Stuart.

So, how boozy are these treats? Stuart says each scoop can be as much at 7%-12% alcohol by volume. Patrons can choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions of their treats.

You can find Beans and Barlour at 538 1st Avenue North in St. Petersburg next to the St. Pete Brewing Company. Follow Beans and Barlour on Facebook.