TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Fish and Wildlife is offering license-free freshwater fishing this weekend where anyone can go out and cast a line in the state without needing a license.

FWC offers several of these weekend throughout the year for both freshwater and saltwater. It is a good opportunity for someone to try it out, take a child fishing, or avid fishermen to introduce a friend to fishing.

Outside of this weekend any one between the ages of 16 and 65 will need a freshwater fishing license which costs $17 annually for residents. An annual license will run non-residents $47 but FWC offers three and five day passes as well that are less expensive.

Saltwater fishing licenses are required as well. An annual resident pass will also cost $17 while a non-resident pass is $47. If saltwater fishing from the shore only, you will still need to go through the process of ‘buying’ a license but it is free.

A separate permit or tag is required if you plan to harvest (take home) snook, lobster and if you plan to fish and keep sharks from the shoreline.

There are combination passes for freshwater, saltwater and hunting licenses available as well as lifetime passes. You can search through them all on FWC’s website here.