TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Plenty of us have heard about ditching the plastic straw and going paperless to help keep the planet healthy but there are other ways that may not seem as obvious that can also help protect wildlife.

This Earth Week, the Florida Aquarium is highlighting different animals whose habitats are impacted by the decisions we make everyday.

This includes lemurs, which are considered the most endangered mammalian group on Earth, according to aquarium biologists. There are over 100 different species of lemurs endemic to Madagascar and 80 percent of those are endangered or critically endangered.

“Deforestation, especially for Rosewood trees. A lot of people like to use it for furniture but it actually is the main habitat for the red ruffed lemur,” Florida Aquarium Biologist Alex Loret de Mola said. “So declining on the use of Rosewoods is going to be a big way to help save all different types of lemur species.”

Experts said sapphire mining has also been identified as a problem so a good alternative would be to opt for lab grown gems instead.

In honor of Earth Week, you can pledge to go green with the Florida Aquarium by ditching the straw, unplugging unneeded devices and going paperless. Commit to go green on their website.