HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) –– A message regarding President-elect Donald Trump was scrawled on a home just moments before the home next-door was set on fire in what appears to be an attempt to incite tensions following the 2016 presidential election.

Hillsborough County Fire-Rescue crews got a call about a fire around 1:20 a.m., officials said.

When they arrived at the home on Bryan Road in the Mango area, it was on fire.

Someone spray-painted the words “F@#& Trump. Burn Everything” on the home.  An arrow pointed to the home next-door, which was set on fire.

The letters BLM were also painted on the home, which likely stand for the group Black Lives Matter.

“I was just truly broken – heartbroken,” neighbor Anna Foster said.  “I feel like this is not gonna be a good four years.  We’re gonna have a civil war if this keeps on.  Just nonsense.”

The fire was put out quickly and there was no visible damage on the outside.

No one was hurt; it’s believed both homes are vacant.

A fire marshal was on scene taking pictures of the homes and conducting an investigation.

“You can’t live around this,” Foster said.  “It’s very scary.  We need authority.  We need control.”