TAMPA, Fla (WFLA)— The disabled Tampa woman attacked and robbed at an AMSCOT ATM on Monday morning learned on Thursday that the man responsible is now behind bars.

Aimee Ross now feels a bit of relief.

“And she said they caught him.  And I was like, thank God ,it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulder,” said Ross.  “I don’t have to be scared no more.”

Ross was using the ATM at the branch on North Florida Avenue early Monday morning.

It was predawn, but that particular store is well-lit and fairly well-traveled.  She’d conducted business there before and felt she would be safe.  She was wrong.

“And once I got my money out, he was standing behind me and when I went this way he went b…..  Give me your money.  I had my money like this.  And he went b….. give me your money and he went this way to grab it,” said Ross.  “And pried my hands open…. And I said no…  “

Police identified the man responsible for the attack as 43-year old Charles McGee.  He lives at 8520 Branch Street about three blocks from the AMSCOT store.  No one at the home wanted to comment.

Tampa Police  Lt. Kevin Schoolmeesters explained that shortly after the video was released, an officer patrolling nearby got the tip that led to McGee’s arrest.

“An anonymous source who doesn’t want to be identified approached him told him who the subject was, what the name was where he was located,”  said Schoolmeesters.  “And that he was about to flee town.  “

Officers found McGee already had several warrants for his arrest out of Orange County and picked him up at his Branch Street home.

Following the release of the video, many commented on social media on the fact that a woman is pictured using the ATM next to Ross and does nothing as she was being robbed.  Ross told News Channel 8 she cried for help, but no one answered that call.

“They were just standing around.  I said, he’s robbing me, he’s robbing me and nobody was doing nothing.”

Ross was pleased to learn that someone did the right thing, and pointed the finger at McGee.

“Thank God other people, you know the public helped,” said Ross.  “I thank God that they did that people are out there and actually came forward and said, we’re going to help. “

Lt. Schoolmeesters adds, if it weren’t for the community involvement, a number of crimes like this one, could take much longer to solve.

“The community getting involved .. And identify this person who is willing to take money from an elderly person, just taking money from an atm machine is very valuable.”STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON –