Anna Maria Island (BLOOM) – In a tribute to Florida’s cherished Pink Flamingos and the splendor of nature, a talented artist and proud Florida resident, Patricia Filomeno, has just unveiled her first-ever Coloring Book. This captivating book features twenty-seven original illustrations that showcase the vibrant essence of these iconic birds and the state’s picturesque scenes. Filomeno said she was inspired by her passion for art and love for Florida’s natural beauty.

Born in Peru, Patricia has resided in Florida for the past 25 years, and for the last seven years, she has made Anna Maria Island her home, along with her husband, Rainer Scheer. Besides her artistic pursuits, Patricia is also the proprietor of two successful local businesses – Ink Graphics Media, a digital marketing firm, and Florida Furniture Rental, a reputable furniture rental company.

Creating a coloring book from scratch is no easy feat, but Patricia’s determination and vision have led her to this remarkable achievement. “It’s all about listening to that voice inside your head and following up on that dream with an action plan,” she remarked with pride. Patricia believes that her coloring book reflects the idea of cherishing the intricacies of life and nature, reminding us to find beauty in every detail.

The Pink Flamingo Coloring Book’s illustrations beautifully capture the essence of Florida through various scenes, adding an element of fun and whimsy to the beloved birds. One page features the “Pink Flamingo Floatie” resting in a pool, set within the backdrop of a refreshing summer drink, akin to a delightful pool party. Another illustration shows a fearless flamingo perched atop an alligator, showcasing the unique and adventurous side of Florida’s wildlife. Of course, no Florida-themed coloring book would be complete without the inclusion of the “Flamingo Sunshine Skyway Bridge,” a well-known architectural wonder of the state.

With the completion of her coloring book, Patricia has found a new level of enjoyment in her craft. “Now that the book is finally finished, I get to have fun coloring my own coloring book!” she exclaimed. Self-publishing this book has been a transformative and educational journey for her. “I know how to do this, and now it is just a matter of letting the world know about this new adventure,” she added.

To share her creation with a global audience, Patricia has decided to sell the Pink Flamingo Coloring Book on Amazon, capitalizing on its incredible reach. This move ensures that art enthusiasts and nature lovers from all around the world can enjoy and immerse themselves in the vibrant charm of Florida’s Pink Flamingos.

Looking to the future, Patricia already has her sights set on a second book, which she plans to release just in time for the holidays. Her dedication to the craft and her passion for Florida’s natural wonders promise yet another delightful experience for coloring enthusiasts and admirers of her work.

The Florida’s Pink Flamingo Coloring Book is now available on Amazon. For more information about Patricia’s artistic journey and her Pink Flamingo Story, visit this website.

About Patricia Filomeno: Patricia Filomeno is a talented artist and long-time Florida resident who draws inspiration from the state’s captivating scenery and wildlife. As the proud creator of the Pink Flamingo Coloring Book, she seeks to share her love for nature and art with the world. Patricia also manages Ink Graphics Media, a local digital marketing firm, and Florida Furniture Rental, a renowned furniture rental company, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.