SYDNEY, Australia (WFLA) — An Australian man’s windsurfing adventure took an unexpected turn after he got hit by a whale.

According to Australian media, Jason Breen, 55, was windsurfing off of Mona Vale Beach when he noticed something starting to rise out of the water.

“I saw it to my right, and it just started to come up out of the water, and I knew it was a whale,” he said.

Breen said as the figure got closer and closer, he knew he was in trouble.

Video from the surfer’s GoPro showed the whale breach and hit Breen as it landed, dragging him 30 feet underwater as it got caught on his leg rope.

Luckily for Breen, the rope broke, and he was able to surface. He also said he was lucky it wasn’t a mother whale.

“Usually the mothers have barnacles, and if it had barnacles rubbing against my face under the water, I would have been ripped apart,” Breen said.

He said he told his friends what happened, and they wouldn’t believe him until he finally showed them the video.

“The whole thing was unusual, one in a million,” Breen said. “It’s a massive ocean, and there was a guy on a headland who just happened to be filming by coincidence and my GoPro. I wasn’t pointing or filming so to get the footage was amazing.”