EVERGREEN, Fla. (WFLA) — A Colorado wildlife officer had to help out a bear after it got itself trapped in a pickup truck, as seen in a Monday social media post.

Video taken by the officer showed the black bear after it had somehow entered a truck at a home in Evergreen, Colorado.

“Dog food + unlocked truck = bear trapped in your truck,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Northeast Region wrote in its Twitter post.

According to the officer, the bear previously got into a trash can before it sniffed out the dog food.

Unfortunately for the bear, it locked the doors to the pickup truck in the process.

“We’re gonna let him out,” the officer said before showing the destruction inside the truck.

After checking the doors, the officer opened up the front passenger door, letting the bear out.

“Get on, bear!” the officer shouted to scare it off.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Northeast Region used the situation to remind civilians to keep food out of their vehicles.

“Good lesson to bring in food from your vehicles!” it wrote. “Bears can smell it and learn how to open doors.”