TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A scuba diver saved a shark after it got entangled in a steel leader attached to a hook in Destin.

Video provided by Tazz Felde with Under Pressure Divers shows the scuba diver approaching the shark with pliers and attempting to cut it loose.

They were made aware of the nurse shark in distress with a hook in its mouth, tethered in a reef system located at Beasley Park in Fort Walton Beach.

According to Felde, another diver had attempted to free the shark but had no luck.

That’s when Felde and fellow diver Dan stepped in to help.

Courtesy: Tazz Felde

The pair were able to cut the steel leader attached to the hook and free the animal. They did lose their pliers in the process after the shark took off.

They are hopeful the hook will rust out, allowing the remaining leader will fall out too.