TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A crack has formed in one of the two eggs laid by the area’s “most beloved pair of bald eagles,” the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) shows.

A live camera feed, operated by Dick Pritchett Read Estate, follows internet sensations Harriet and M15, who have risen to fame for residing in a nest in south Florida.

Last year, the pair of love birds gained attention after successfully raising two eaglets.

This year, the pair looks to be at it again with two eggs that were laid on Nov. 29 and Dec. 2.

Approximately one month after the eggs were laid, the parents will continue to nurture until movement is felt and the chicks scratch the surface of the eggs to break out. The first few signs of life can be seen once the eggs begin to crack.

The original adult bald eagle pair, known as Ozzie and Harriet, had been coming to the same nest since 2006. When Ozzie passed in 2015, Harriet and M15 bonded.

This year marks the eighth season as a mated pair at this location.

Viewers can check in on the action via the official SWFL Eagle Cam website.