(NBC News) — A northwest Connecticut man thought something was afoot when his mother-in-law’s car lights switched on Friday evening while she was in bed.

When he went outside to check, he found a black bear trapped in the cabin.

“It looked like a teenaged kid that passed out in his car after a long night of partying and his mom caught him,” Cody Gillotti told NBC Connecticut, describing the bear as looking “stunned.”

The animal had first rampaged through Gillotti’s truck before it headed to his mother-in-law’s vehicle.

“I think he opened it up and there was no food in my truck,” Gillotti told NBC Connecticut. “There was an empty McDonald’s bag and a couple other things in her car, so I think he kind of just moved things around my seat looking for stuff, couldn’t find anything and then left and went into [my mother-in-law’s] car.”

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