(WSET/CNN) – A pregnant dog was dragged across concrete and abandoned at a Virginia shelter. She is now recovering.

A video shows several people get out of a car at the Campbell County Animal Shelter. They can be seen getting the dog, Tillie, out of the trunk, then dragging her from the car to a concrete pen.

She got out of the pen, so they dragged her there again and left her.

Kelsey Wright works at the shelter and found Tillie the next morning, more than 12 hours after she was abandoned.

“You know, it just astounds me that someone didn’t think to ask for help. They just took matters into their own hands and did what they wanted to do,” Wright said.

Wright said Tillie had been recovering at the shelter and is doing well, despite the trauma.

“It’s not right to put an animal out to spend a night in the cold,” said animal control officer Benny David. “We need to know where they come from, what reason enough had to have health problems. Were there any other problems with animal? We need to know of its owner. They can sign an owner surrender.”

David said it’s unclear if the person responsible is Tillie’s owner. Animal Control is working to learn more about the people in the video and is offering help to struggling pet owners.

“If you needed to surrender her, you know, I’ve got open hours. If it was an emergency of any sort — all you have to do is call us and we are here to help you,” Wright said.

The dog is currently at a local veterinarian so she can give birth in peace.