TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Two baby mountain lions were caught on camera giving their best roars in the mountains of California.

The cubs were spotted by the Santa Monica Mountains National Park Service (NPS) and are around a few months old.

In an Instagram post, the NPS said the female kitten, named P-116, and the male kitten, named P-117, were born in May. Their mom, named P-106, is reportedly six years old.

Biologist Jeff Sikich captured the moment the cubs purr and “roar” at the camera.

The babies were found in their mother’s den in dense chaparral in the Santa Susana Mountains.

A biologist will track the mother’s movements via telemetry and will check on her kittens’ health while she is away hunting for food, feeding, or resting.

“The NPS said they have been studying the animals since 2002 to determine how they survive in a “fragmented and urbanized environment.”