(NBC News) — In states where marijuana is legal, pets are getting into their owners’ edibles

According to a study published Wednesday in the journal PLOS One, easier access to edible forms of marijuana is likely partially to blame for the increase in pet poisonings.

Dr. Ahna Brutlag, director of veterinary services and senior veterinary toxicologist at Pet Poison Helpline in Minnesota, said in the past 10 years, she’s seen an increase in the number of pet cannabis poisonings from edibles, which have become both more widely legal and more potent

“Because this looks like and smells like food, dogs especially, being the opportunists that they are, they are going to want to eat it,” said Brutlag, who was not involved with the new research. “They also don’t just eat one; they eat as much as they possibly can in that one sitting. Because the edibles are so much more concentrated in the THC than the flower, they end up getting a very large dose all at one time.”

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