TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One month has passed since beloved Southwest Florida Bald eagle, Harriet, was last seen in her nest.

According to the SWFL Eagle Cam, Harriet was last seen at her nest on Feb. 2 after she vocalized at intruders in the area. Moments later, she flew away, never to be seen on camera again.

The clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were made aware of the situation, however, no conclusive evidence was found that confirms the majestic bird’s death.

With Harriet absent, her partner M15 has protected their young around the clock. He even learned to bring food back for his young.

The Eagle Cam said male eagles aren’t used to caring for their young without a mate.

“M15 has been protecting his young and has even managed to bring food to the nest,” the SWFL Eagle Cam shared. “He isn’t used to not having a mate to care for the young. He is used to having his own time away from the nest – and it is amazing how he has quickly changed that behavior.”

In the weeks since Harriet’s disappearance, M15 has fended off a number of predators and even welcomed a new female near his nest, who has offered food for his young.

“While we may never know her final resting place; her legacy will continue to grow as we cherish the beautiful moments observed on the cameras and via ground photos over the past 12+ years,” the Eagle Cam shared in a touching Facebook post.

“We love you Harriet!” the eagle cam added. “Forever in our Hearts, Flying High & Free.”