ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland shelters are looking for new homes for 196 dogs rescued from the South Korean meat trade by Humane Society International.

The Humane Society has made it part of its mission to combat the dog meat industry in South Korea, finding new homes for over 2,000 dogs.

“Since January 2015, we have been visiting a number of these farms learning more about the trade itself,” said Humane Society International’s Companion Animals Vice President Kelly O’Mera. “And we’ve shut down now 17 farms.”

O’Mera said the support for banning this practice is growing in the country.

She said animal welfare groups are working with the farmers to shut down the practice and help them transition to a more humane and profitable profession.

“We permanently shut down the farm, demolish the cages and they have to sign a contract that they will never be involved in the dog meat or any animal agriculture of any kind ever again,” O’Mera said.

The 196 dogs were flown to the U.S. over the weekend, and local shelters took them in to find them new homes.

Stephanie Arrington, founder of Petey and Furends Animal Rescue in Rockville, said they were able to take in four of the dogs to live with foster families as they become used to a home environment.

“A lot of it is just giving [the dogs] the space to make the decison to approach and to eat and things like that,” Arrington said. “Our fosters have been really wonderful.”

The dogs are now receiving veterinary treatment, proper food and attention they never received on the farm.