NEW YORK CITY (WFLA) — A new rat is taking the internet by storm after being seen hauling a donut through a New York City subway.

Carly Hittner uploaded a Tiktok video of the determined rodent carrying a donut, which is almost as big as its entire body, through the subway tracks.

Eventually, another rat joins in to enjoy the glazed feast together.

“Some of the men in this city need lessons in chivalry. Donut rat treats his woman better than half you other rats in this city,” Hittner wrote on her TikTok post.

The donut-dragging rat has reminded some of the previous rat that went viral after being seen hauling a slice of pizza, earning it the name Pizza Rat.

Despite its cuteness, the New York City government has warned residents to be careful to not leave food around where rodents can access it. Garbage has been attributed to the thriving rat population in NYC, even with the city taking measures to combat the growing number of rats.