(NEXSTAR) – A British cat’s unfaithful ways are no longer a secret after it wound up in a nearby homeowner’s real estate photos.

It all started when Michael Hublank, a director of clinical genomics at a London cancer treatment hospital, decided to take a peek at his neighbor’s home on UK listing site Zoopla, Metro reports.

Pictured along with the interior of the house was an orange cat throughly enjoying a sprawl on a purple bedspread.

“That’s our bloody cat,” Hubank tweeted.

Hubank’s tweet about discovering his feline’s second life inspired thousands of comments, some from cat owners who thought they were the only ones – and others from people who took communal ownership in stride.

One woman shared a photo of her orange tabby “Ginge,” explaining: “He has 4 homes. He is currently asleep on my on the sofa. He is not my cat. Or actually called ginge, but he responds to it and he is so handsome.”

Another woman wrote:

“A family member was having a reoccurring dream about a cat in her bed for months… she did not own a cat… then she woke up and her “dream cat” was snoring at the end of the bed… the “dream cat” lived a few doors down, but preferred to sleep in her bed.”

Hubank joked amid the online attention, “Typical. A decade of posting thoughtful comments about #genomics goes largely unnoticed. But you send ONE cat tweet….”

As for his cat, the untroubled kitty is safe at home … for now.