(WFLA) — A lost dog was reunited with her owner after the dog “strolled” inside a police station in Loughborough, England in early November, the police station said.

A video posted on Storyful shows the border collie, Rosie, walking into the police station and taking a seat in the corner of the reception area.

“Our staff fetched some water for Rosie, and made fast friends with plenty of fuss,” police wrote on Facebook. Police said Rosie was wearing a collar which allowed officers to find her owner and reunite them.

Credit: Leicestershire Police via Storyful

“Rosie was being walked nearby with a second dog when she managed to wander off. What a lovely, clever dog,” police wrote on Facebook.

Officers said Rosie’s owner was delighted that she had been found “safe and well.”

On Sunday, Rosie’s owner, Julie Harper, celebrated eight years since she adopted the border collie from K9 focus, a volunteer-run animal-rescue charity, Storyful reported.

The charity also shared the video on its Facebook page, writing, “There is no doubt we have the most intelligent rescue dogs. Well done Rosie, and well done mum and dad for keeping her chip up to date.”

Storyful contributed to this report.