(WFLA/NBC NEWS CHANNEL) — An animal rescue in Boston saved a kitten with a glass bowl stuck on her head.

NBC reported that the six-month-old kitten was spotted earlier this week by a resident who has been monitoring and feeding cats in the area.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston went to the area and found the kitten wandering along a road.

The kitten, fittingly nicknamed Buzz Lightyear, was captured using a drop trap. Although she could not smell with the glass bowl on her head, rescuers said they used food to lure two of Buzz’s siblings into the trap. Buzz quickly followed.

Once Buzz was captured, a field agent was able to remove the glass bowl.

Buzz was taken to an Animal Rescue League hospital for further treatment.

Officials said she won’t be available for adoption for a while because she is still a bit skittish.