SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A woman saw an unusual and heartbreaking sight at a Seminole County park when she spotted an alligator with its snout sliced off, just below its eyes.

According to NBC Affiliate WESH, the alligator was found at a park in Sanford, Wilson’s Landing. While alligators are typically very frightening to see, you can’t help but feel for this poor gator.

“I think an image like this, missing the whole part of your face, is very shocking,” Kim Titterington, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator told WESH.

When asked what or who could have done this, Titterington told WESH she has “a couple of theories.” One: The alligator got into a fight with another gator, or two: the reptile may have been caught in a snare trap.

Typically, snare traps are used to catch animals, such as coyotes. However, some snares do have a wire cable that clamps down, and according to WESH, experts say if the gator got trapped in one, the cable could have sliced off its snout as it struggled to escape.

Titterington also told WESH she doesn’t think a boat propeller could’ve done this act as the gator would’ve likely heard the boat coming and swam away.

While residents post to social media, trying to get the alligator some help, Titterington said the gator is “feeding off bugs in the lake and whatever else it can suck in with half a jaw.” And as the animal continues to grow, Titterington said she fears bugs and smaller portions won’t be enough.

“When this animal needs to consume larger prey and subdue its prey, well, that ability is finished at this point,” she told WESH.

According to the station, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials have tried to catch the gator, but it’s elusive.