MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA) – A heartbreaking scene was captured on camera at a Miami park last week.

According to NBC Miami, home surveillance footage captured someone driving up to the entrance of the Athalie Range Park in Little Haiti Friday and abandoning a young American bulldog mix at the park before speeding off.

After the devastating video reached social media, viewers became outraged.

A nearby resident noticed the dog wandering around and called animal rescuer Jennifer Diliz.

“She jumped right into my car. She seemed very lost,” Diliz said. “I understand we’re in tough times, I understand people make decisions under distress and under emotional circumstances, but it is never an excuse to just dump an animal.”

The young dog, Sunflower, was taken to the Big Dog Ranch Rescue outside of West Palm Beach, where the pooch has been in “good spirits.”

“Sadly, this happens very frequently,” Natalie Paige Rubio with Big Dog Ranch Rescue said. “We are facing a 60% increase in owner surrenders across shelters and rescues across the nation.”

With local shelters at capacity, rescue centers say they’re feeling the stress.

“We are going to be tripling the rate of dogs being surrendered,” Rubino said. “Owners that want to surrender their dogs are not able to even find a shelter that has availability or space.”

According to NBC Miami, owners who abandon their pets in Miami-Dade can face fines in the thousands of dollars.

But Rubino and Diliz want to remind owners that there are other options besides surrendering or abandoning their pets.

“You’ll be surprised how a community will rally behind you to help with food and medical costs,” Rubino said.

“I wish they would have reached out for help and maybe they did and hit a thousand dead ends, but keep reaching out. Don’t just dump a dog out in the street, in a park,” Diliz added.