TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It was a happy ending for a group of four puppies found zipped inside a suitcase and abandoned on the side of a road in North Carolina — and it was all thanks to a sharp-eyed driver.

The litter of puppies, found zipped up and abandoned in a travel suitcase on Sept. 17, got a second chance when two people driving down the road saw the suitcase jolt around seemingly by itself.

Puzzled by what they saw, the duo pulled over to investigate.

When the two got closer, they “saw a nose sticking out of one of the corners, so right away, they knew that it was, you know, a puppy or a kitten,” said Lisa Lee, Guilford County Animal Control Assistant Director. “So, they went there and unzippered the suitcase, and lo and behold, found these four puppies that were in this suitcase on the side of the road.”

The good Samaritans brought the dogs to Lee and her team at Guilford County Animal Services where staff evaluated them.

A spokesperson Stephen Carlson said the puppies, all of which females, are doing fine. However, the vets said the puppies are very under-socialized and will require foster-to-adopt homes with experienced caretakers before they can be put up for adoption.

For now, the puppies – Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway and Carion (carry-on) – are settling into a new environment, thanks to a good Samaritan’s decision to investigate a discarded suitcase.