SANFORD, Fla. (WFLA) — Bears aren’t an animal to take lightly, but this bear couldn’t match the might of a Florida woman.

WESH reported that this past Sunday, Sanford woman Donna Smith caught a black bear raiding her dogs’ food bins in her garage.

Unamused, Smith began shouting at the bear, telling it was not welcome on her property.

“Go away, bear!” she yelled. “Go, shoo, go! Get away from me! Stay out of my garage!”

Not wanting any trouble, the bear wandered off.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said bears often are attracted to pet food and garbage from people’s homes, and around this time of year, they usually are looking for food to store for the winter.

“As bears become ‘food-conditioned’ (dependent on a food source) they are more likely to frequent residential areas and cause property damage to get these unnatural food sources,” the FWC stated on its Black Bear webpage. “Over time, they become ‘habituated,’ gradually losing their fear of humans and will return frequently to locations with accessible food.”

In cases where a bear has decided to look for a snack in your garage, the FWC advises that you get to a safe area and ensure that the bear has a route to escape.

Once in position, you need to scare the bear off. Yell, use pots and pans, or blow an air horn to let that bear know it’s not safe for them at your home.

For more direct action, the FWC allows the use of paintball guns, bear spray, and slingshots to keep bears off your property.

When the bear is gone, make sure to keep your property clear of anything that might attract it “pet foods, garbage, barbecue grills, bird seed or even livestock feed,” according to the FWC.