MONROE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A former cast member of the “Gator Boys” TV show helped Florida deputies wrangle an alligator on Monday.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said Deputy Jason Farr encountered an alligator along the “18-Mile Stretch,” the upper portion of the US-1 Overseas Highway, connecting Florida City to Key Largo. The 10-foot gator was causing a major roadblock.

Deputy Farr was assisting Pesky Critters Wildlife Control trappers with corralling the alligator when an unexpected helper arrived.

Tre Huntoon (left) poses with Deputy Jason Farr. (Courtesy MCSO)

“Tre Huntoon from the TV show ‘Gator Boys’ was leaving the Keys and also stopped to lend a hand,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. Huntoon helped trappers lift the heafty gator into a truck to be hauled off.

Gator Boys aired on Animal Planet from 2012-2015, according to the Animal Planet website. The show centered around two alligator trappers, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, “who risk injury and death to hand-capture alligators that have invaded the back yards, swimming pools, garages and bedrooms of Florida Everglades residents.”

Huntoon appeared as himself in five episodes, according to the Gator Boys IMDB page.

“You never know what you’ll get on a call in the Florida Keys,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. “Never a dull moment!”

Traffic was backed up for over an hour as trappers worked to get the gator out of the road.