WINTER PARK, Fla. (WFLA) — A little owl lost its way and ended up trapped on someone’s roof rack in Winter Park Monday night.

Luckily, firefighters arrived and freed the nocturnal bird without a “hoot.”

The Winter Park Fire Rescue Department shared a photo of the Barred Owl on Facebook, saying the owl flew into the driver’s rack and got stuck as they were driving around midnight.

“Oh my. Last night firefighters safely freed this Barred Owl from the roof rack of a vehicle. The motorist reported the owl flew into the rack as they were driving just around midnight,” the fire department wrote.

WPFRD stated that “these majestic owls” are commonly seen in the area’s canopy tree-lined streets and are beloved among residents and visitors.

Once the owl was freed, it quickly flew off and “appeared to be OK.”

“Quite certain that both motorist and owl were a little stunned by the whole experience, but just thankful we were able to help,” the department added.