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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — An 11-month-old Great Dane puppy, Mudge, gave her family quite the scare after she fell down an old 40-foot well in Cary, North Carolina, last weekend. Luckily, three fire departments were able to rescue the canine.

The Cary Fire Department – which worked alongside the Fairview Rural Fire Department and the Swift Creek Fire Department to free the 100-pound pup – said Mudge got trapped in the old well after “accidentally” falling into a hole.

Shortly after receiving a call that Mudge was trapped, all three fire departments responded to help set the puppy free. According to a Facebook post from the Cary Fire Department, crews worked “seamlessly together to rescue the dog using rope techniques.”

Photo courtesy of the Cary Fire Department

According to local news station WRAL, the rescue “took hours and plenty of patience,” but Mudge was saved with only a small scratch on her ankle. The Cary Fire Department said a veterinarian also responded to the rescue to examine Mudge.

“I don’t know, but unscathed – I just can’t even believe it. It’s quite the drop, and it is covered up now, by the way. It’s completely covered up,” Mudge’s owner, Janine Haldane, told WRAL. “So, yeah, you know, part of me kind of wonders, yeah, part of me kind of wonders, you know, did she fall to save someone else?”

Photos from the rescue shared by the Fairview Rural Fire Department show the old well, which appears to be a large hole covered by fallen leaves in a wooded area. The photos also show the special equipment needed to rescue Mudge.

According to the Fairview Rural Fire Department, Mudge is doing well and enjoyed a “long puppy nap” after the rescue.