ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A little half-snout alligator captured the hearts of Floridians after it was spotted roaming around a park earlier this month. The heartbreaking sight caused people to search for the gator in hopes of getting the animal the help it needs.

After a few weeks, the search is over.

According to NBC Affiliate WESH, the gator was captured by a trapper on Friday and is now “living large” in its forever home, Gatorland.

“We’ve moved her into her own little bungalow,” Gatorland Park Director Mike Hileman told WESH.

The good news is the gator has been relocated, but there are still questions about how it can survive with its top jaw sliced off below the eyeballs.

Before the alligator was captured, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Kim Titterington told WESH that the gator was “feeding off bugs in the lake and whatever else it can suck in with half a jaw.” As the animal continues to grow, Titterington said she fears bugs and smaller portions won’t be enough.

Rest assured, Gatorlands’ Hileman says the gator has been adjusting to its new environment, telling WESH, “It’s been pretty calm, but that could change.”

According to WESH, the people with Gatorland discovered the mighty gator is a female and suspect that her snout was sliced off by a boat propeller, forcing her to survive off things like frogs and snails.

“That wound that she has has healed over. So she has been able to feed herself without a top jaw for some time now. That’s impressive,” Hileman said.

WESH stated that the Gatorland staff plans to feed her bite-size pieces of chicken, fish and steak that she’ll throw back into her throat.

“I mean she’s really getting a lot of attention,” Hileman said. “Become a little diva. But right now she’s very good, very down to earth, very humble at this point.”

While the little gator is taking social media by storm, Gatorloand has another request for people – to help pick out a name for their newest alligator.

The most notable name suggestions are Jaws, Flap Jack and Gum Drop, but according to WESH, the most heartfelt name is Hope, “because that’s what the little gator has given us.”