TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) —While the tragedy at the University of Virginia is hundreds of miles away, it hits close to home for students in the Bay area.

The University of South Florida is remembering the three UVA football players killed in Sunday’s shooting.

On the USF football Instagram page, a post reads, “Sending our thoughts and prayers to the players, coaches, staff, families and community at the University of Virginia. On behalf of the entire USF Football family, you have our love and support.”

Bonsan Gamtessa is an international student at USF from Ethiopia. The news of a shooting on a college campus is not only shocking but frightening.

“My parents risked everything for me to be here,” Gamtessa said. “They paid a lot of money to be here and to know that something like that could happen on campus where I go to class and lose my life that really scares me.”

School officials at UVA say earlier this year, Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was investigated after someone said he talked about owning a gun, but police say no one ever saw a weapon and no threats were made.

The university’s threat assessment team also learned of a criminal incident last February, involving a concealed weapon violation in another city.

Gametessa and fellow international student Beamlak Tafesse say while at times they feel safe at USF, safety for students on campus can improve.

“It shows where America’s climate is right now,” Tafesse said. “College students are the future of America, right? They’re the educated people. They’re more likely to get out of poverty. So, you put them in a situation where they’re not even safe anymore and it just comes to show America’s future is not safe.”