PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Get Hooked Grill has new waterfront seating.

“You want the water section? We got you now,” quipped Angel Quinonez. “There were a bunch of tables floating, everywhere, everywhere.”

Storm surge from Hurricane Idalia damaged some of the restaurant and made kitchen and bar appliances unusable.

“You got your three fryers. You got your beer kegerators. You got all your refrigerators that hold all the food. You have your expo rine that holds all the food to prep all your plates,” said Quinonez.

Quinonez said 4 feet of water surged through the restaurant, leaving kegs floating through the bar.

“We’re right here on the water. Has this restaurant ever gone through something like this before?” asked reporter Staci DaSilva.

“Yes, yes. I believe this is going to be the third time. No name was one of them. The other one that we had we had a lot of wind damage, the roof got damage up here but the water never came in but the no name and then this one, that really hurt us,” said Quinonez.

Employees are staying positive, even though their busy and lucrative Labor Day weekend is looking a lot different than planned.

“It is what it is. You know what I mean? As far as we’re concerned we got to take care of our community and move on. There’s no reason to sit there and cry because all you’re gonna do is get tears and we already had enough water,” said Quinonez.

It was not only employees who came out to help clean up Thursday.

Quinonez said dozens of customers have offered to lend a hand.

“We need to get back open not only for them but for us too,” he said.

The restaurant owners hope to be reopened by Labor Day.