A 17-year battle to clean up a mess in Citrus Park will drag out at least another 90 days.

The Hillsborough County Code Enforcement board is giving Brenda Owings three more months to bring her property at 14508 Berkford Avenue into compliance. In September, the county spent $60,000 to bring in heavy equipment and haul hundreds of tons of junk, which was piled from one end to the other Owings’ property.

Her property has dilapidated sheds, an old camper that is falling apart, roofs that are falling in and a storage structure sitting on a wetland. For 17 years Owings snubbed her nose at county code enforcement, refusing to clean up her property and bring it into compliance. Her fines exceeded $300,000.

Friday she was back in front of the code enforcement board.

“We’re here today to deal with the code violations that weren’t covered in the original order,” code enforcement manager Jim Blinck said.

Owings told the code enforcement board she’s worked to clean things up.

“That’s where the problem comes in. There’s about four things that somebody says,once I got started on this then they change their mind and have you do something else,” Owings told board members.

When asked how long she needs to bring her property into compliance, she said 90 days.

Neighbor Bob Mullins reminded code enforcement that history should not be ignored.

“That property’s been in disrepair for 17 years,” Mullins said.

If she fails to bring the property into compliance she will face fines of $250 per day. That is in addition to the $300,000 she already owes. The county did put a $60,000 lien on her property so that if and when she sells, taxpayers should be reimbursed for the cleanup.

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