NORTH PORT, Fla. (WFLA) — The North Port Police Department arrested two women after allegations surfaced of child abuse at Building Blocks Children’s Center on 2555 Toledo Blade Boulevard.

Police arrested Evelyn Jennings, 51, and charged her with one count of abuse without great harm. They also arrested Cindy Desrosiers, 60, on three counts of failure to report suspected child abuse as a mandatory reporter.

Police say the arrests came after a parent found bruises on their child and they reported the abuse.

“We were able to determine that some abuse did take place there, someone has been arrested for that and also through the course of the investigation, those who were in charge of the daycare also failed to report those incidents,” said North Port police spokesman Josh Taylor.

Taylor says there may be other victims.

“It appears that there is a pattern of some sort here. I can tell you that through the morning, just having put this out, we received a number of additional calls from parents with concerns of how their children were treated there,” Taylor added.

Police also say Jennings has been the subject of other abuse investigations in the past.

“Ms. Jennings, who was arrested in this case, has been investigated in the past and it has come to light that she has been fired from other daycares,” said Taylor.

Police say the Building Blocks Children’s Center is still open, but their investigation into the reports of abuse is continuing.