The heat will continue on Sunday, with added humidity as well. Feels like temperatures will max out in the low to mid 90s. So if you are heading to the Bucs game and are planning on being there to tailgate, expect hot and humid weather.

Temperatures will cool down after kick-off time. But quick passing spotty showers are possible anytime Sunday afternoon.

Monday will be briefly less humid, but temperatures will stay warm. Then we turn our attention to the Tropics. There are two areas NHC is watching. The one near Bermuda poses no threat but may become our next named system.

The one we are concerned about is near Puerto Rico. That has an 80% chance of becoming a named system early next week – either a subtropical or tropical system. If both form, it would make this season officially above normal in number, after a very slow start.

The system near Puerto Rico will move northwest and into the Bahamas on Tuesday and near Florida on Wednesday ramping up winds and bringing rain to the East Coast.

On election day the winds will ramp up and become breezy with a few quick showers possible late here in the Bay Area. But the worst of the weather, if it does indeed come our way, will wait until Wednesday and Thursday.

The impacts on our area depend on the exact track and strength of the system. We are not expecting a strong hurricane, but a strong tropical storm is possible. The worst impacts will be along Florida’s East Coast but some gusty squalls are possible on FL’s West Coast as well.

The exact track is uncertain ranging from a system that slices across the state and enters the Gulf of Mexico, to a storm that misses Florida and stays just offshore FL’s East Coast. It’s too early to know.

But what does seem clear is that FL’s East Coast will see battering surf and a prolonged and significant coastal flood event. With a full moon and lunar eclipse, the tides will already be exaggerated. Add to it gale force winds, 15-20 ft waves offshore and multiple high tide cycles, and a serious coastal flood event is possible.