(WISN) – A Mother’s Day trip to target ended up with a big surprise for a woman in Illinois.

Manuel Franco, 24, approached Nicole Domitro., and offered to give her a $200 Target gift card.

Franco said he had won a $768-million Powerball jackpot last month, and wanted to “give back.”

People across the country saw Franco claim his $768 million Powerball win except Domitro.

“I don’t watch the news really,” Domitro said.

Domitro has two small children who occupy her time.

“Unless it is kid tv, so I didn’t know there was a Powerball winner,” Domitro said.

But that changed on mother’s day.

“This is the guy we were shopping for,” Domitro said.

She was looking for pull-ups at a target store in the Chicago suburbs when Franco approached her.

“He said, ‘I’m Manuel Franco, I was the Powerball winner in Milwaukee and I wanted to give you this gift of $200 for Target, a Target gift card,” Domitro said. “He was very kind, I kinda started asking him questions because I wasn’t really sure.”

Franco likely chose a Target store to pay it forward considering he worked at a Target in New Berlin.

“He said he’d offered it to other people who refused it because they thought he was trying to scam them,” Domitro said. “I could very easily spend $200 at Target but my husband and i talked about it and we’re actually going to be gifting it to another family that we know who we think could benefit from it. It’s not like a struggling family but they have a baby coming and we think it would be a very cool blessing for their family.


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