HONOLULU (KHON) — The holiday season is a time for family, food, and maybe a time to put on a little bit of extra weight. A Hawaii café has the perfect match if you are on a New Year’s journey to claw your way back into shape.

Molico is 14-years-old and weighs-in at a whopping 24 pounds — double her weight goal.

“She’s looking for a family who’s willing to go on a weight loss journey with her and give her lots of love,” said Hawaii Cat café owner Cindy Washburn.

Molico needs a strict diet to lose the excess weight, but until then, she makes a great workout weight for humans.

“She’s a really good cat if you need someone to do squats with, and you can lose weight together!” Washburn said.

If you have got big plans for gains or losses, Molico does as well. She is even looking to get her rear end toned-up.

“She should weight about 10lbs, even her little tail is part fat,” Washburn said.

Washburn adds she will make a great companion for you and your family even if losing weight is not your thing.

“She has a lot of personality even though she’s huge! She loves to be pet, she’ll start drooling when you’re scratching her chin she doesn’t mind other cats at all,” Washburn said.

It is all about food quality and portion control, a little exercise and shedding the weight in a healthy way. Washburn says Molico did have some blood work done to look for any medical conditions but they turned out negative. It is likely that her previous owner fed her a little too much food.

Washburn also says weight loss for cats needs to be done slowly because they can get sick if they lose a lot too quickly.

“Someone who’s willing to work with a veterinarian and monitor her food intake and maybe try out some different toys, maybe she’ll chase a laser or two,” Washburn said.