The family of a brave 21-month-old girl in Kentucky is celebrating after the toddler beat stage 4 cancer.

Little Molly Hughes spent 130 nights in the hospital after she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Molly underwent 15 months of grueling cancer treatment and proved she is one tough little cookie.

 “She would just bounce back after every treatment. I mean she would knock her down for few days and then she would be at playing again,” said Molly’s mother Chelsea Hughes.

Molly’s family and friends rallied to support her during her cancer fight and #MollyStrong became their battle cry.

Now, Molly’s family and friends are celebrating their victory over the deadly disease. Molly’s mom will always remember the phone call that brought the good news.

“Just like, I fell to the ground after I got off the phone and I just hugged her for like five minutes,” said Hughes.

Molly’s mom says the power of prayer helped her daughter. “I believe that’s what helped her get through all this. With all the prayers she’s heard and which I can’t thank everyone enough for.”

Now that she’s beat cancer, Molly gets to enjoy the things she loves, like playing in the sunshine and swinging on tire swings.