HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Two teens were arrested for shooting a BB gun at a Hillsborough County deputy and a recruit in Gibsonton, authorities said.

The incident happened Sunday night in near the intersection of Midway Street and Nundy Avenue.

“Our deputies driving down Midway and takes a right onto Nundy, and when he turns onto the street, his entire driver side window blows out,” said Phil Martello, HCSO assistant chief communications officer.

The pellet shattered the vehicle’s window. Martello said the two cousins ran away after the shooting.

 “Their guardians had no idea where they were and how they got these BB guns, but they have these BB guns with tons of ammunition,” said Martello.

The kids have been charged with throwing a deadly missile within or into a vehicle.

“We’re very grateful that didn’t end in tragedy but thanks to the training that our deputies have it did not,” said Martello.

Thankfully, the deputy and the recruit are both okay.

“Talk to your kids about the dangers of BB guns a lot of kids just think it’s fun and you’re not going to hurt anyone but who knows what could’ve happened had this made contact with the wrong person,” said Martello.