ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) – Friday marks 14 years since Jennifer Kesse disappeared from her condo in Orlando.

Kesse, just 24 years old at the time, left her newly-purchased condo on Jan. 24, 2006. She was never seen or heard from again.

Family, friends and even strangers who have followed her disappearance closely have worked hard throughout the past decade to keep her case in the public eye in hopes of finding answers. More than 8,000 people follow a Facebook page dedicated to finding Kesse and keeping her story in the public.

A podcast called “Unconcluded” was created several years ago, taking a closer look at the evidence and facts in the case.

Kesse, who would be 38 now, is still listed under missing persons on the Orlando Police Department’s website. The department posted on social media Friday urging anyone with any kind of information to contact CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS or the tipline that Kesse’s family set up at (941) 201-4009.

Police assigned Detective Teresa Sprague to the case exclusively in 2018, on the 12-year anniversary of Kesse’s disappearance.

“Detective Sprague will pore through the thousands of pages of documents in the case file and the hundreds of tips – with a fresh set of eyes,” police said at the time. “If there are clues we may have missed the first time around, we are hopeful that Detective Sprague’s expertise, after seven years as a homicide detective, will help us find them.”